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Ostrich Pysanka with traditional design elements and symbols "Easter Lily"

(This Ostrich Egg is 18-1/2" in height circumference)

Lily: is a symbol of innocence and purity. Represents the purity of the Virgin Mary.

Rose or star: signify purity, life, the giver of light, the center of all knowledge as well as beauty, elegance and perfection. In the Christian context, the star or rose becomes the herald of Christ's birth, a symbol of God's love toward man.

Diamonds: indicate knowledge.

Spirals: denote divinity or immortality.

Flower: life, growth, beauty, love, caring, charity and good will.

Ukrainian Easter Egg Art. Ostrich pysanka. White Easter Lily.

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Olga's Ukrainian Easter Eggs. Ostrich pysanky. Easter Lily decorative ostrich egg. Ukrainian Easter Eggs. Ostrich pysanky art. Easter Lily egg.
Ostrich Pysanka "Easter Lily"
Price: $800


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